·      What should I expect for my party as a host?
            As A host/hostess, you will be provided the choses glasses, glass paint, apron/smock, water cups, creative guidance, and a variety of brushes. 
·      What do I need to provide for a hosted party?
            We suggest providing enough seating and table/counter space as well as snacks/munchies and beverages. 
·      Do I have to paint what is being demonstrated?
            NOPE. We usually talk it over before the event with the host/hostess what a general consensus would like but you are more than welcome to dive into your own personal creative side! 
·      How long will BoozyArt be at my event?
            This just depends on how many people, the details of your design, and if we would need drying time in between painting layers. Generally, no more than 2-3 hours. 
·      Is there a minimum guest number required?
            For private home parties, at least 10 guests are the minimum requirement. For venue parties, we would need at least 10 RSVP’d guests. 
·      Are the painted glasses dishwasher safe?
            Yes, once they are fully dried and baked in the any convenient oven for 30 minutes at 350 degrees, they are chip-free and dishwasher safe!
·      How much does it cost?
It costs $20 per person for 1 glass and $30 per person for 2 glasses. FREE for hosts that provide more than 12 guests!